Where will I eat ?

There are more than a dozen restaurants within a mile-and-a-half radius of the venue. These range from fast-food In-N-Out Burger or Oregano’s Pizza to the high-end Culinary Dropout and Green New American Vegetarian. So, you’ll be well fed and ready for energetic

What should I wear ?

Your best Cosplay outfit?  The crowd we attract is a perfect sampling of the broad diversity of entrepreneurship, so casual attire to business casual are the norm.  Just come comfortable and dressed for success!

What should I bring ?

You should bring a pen and a notebook and a back-up pen too!  There’s going to be a LOT of “ah-ha” moments that you will want to take note of and strategies that you’ll want to record for later. You’ll probably want

Will I get to meet the speakers ?

No matter what level ticket or pass you’ve purchased, there’s opportunities throughout the weekend to meet the speakers in passing, at our mixers during break or just bumping into them in the hallway.  They won’t be hiding!   However, your best chance